Discovery Program of Illinois
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Developing the
capability and
self-confidence of those
who struggle to learn

Our Mission: to reach students who struggle to learn in the communities of Illinois with services that will assist these learners to become independent students.

The Discovery Program of IL LLC applies academic and cognitive programs for children to improve thinking, develop problem solving abilities and expand academic skills such as reading, spelling, math and writing skills. These programs are used throughout the school year and during the summer. The following links provide further information on programs of specific educational intervention, NILD Educational Therapy and Search & Teach.

NILD EDUCATIONAL THERAPY® (for children age 7 - college age)
SEARCH & TEACH© (for children ages 5-7)

Our Vision

Students: We strive to provide students with excellent NILD Educational Therapy® as well as other related interventions.  Results may be measured by the student’s progress in areas of academics, social skills, character development and self-esteem.

Families: Parents are an essential part of our program. We encourage parents to be active observers and participants in their student's therapy as well as their student’s school life. This is achieved through regular communication with therapists and staff, collaboration with other professionals in the students' lives, and support services as needed - from point of initial contact through completion of the program.

Therapist: We provide excellent services to students and families. Creative strategies are used to meet both curriculum standards and individual needs. The educational therapist guides the student through Socratic questioning, inductive reasoning, systematic feedback, self regulation and direct transfer to life skills. Student’s progress is continuously assessed and modifications or accommodations are recommended when needed. The therapist manages communication between the client, the family, the school, and involved professionals.